Mac Apps We Like

Here are some apps for OSX that help some of us at Palomino Labs work better, faster, and more efficiently:

TotalFinder ($18, 14-day free trial)

Say goodbye to multiple Finder windows! TotalFinder lets you have consolidate them into one window with Chrome-like tabs. It also brings a bunch of other improvements like Dual Mode which makes working with two directories at once a cinch.


Moom ($10, 100 free uses)

Moom brings Windows 7-style window pinning to Mac, and one-ups it by allowing you to customize everything about it. Easily resize and position windows to pre-defined sections of your screen by snapping it to the edges, or using a handy keyboard shortcut.


LittleIpsum (Free)

Not much to explain with this one. Quickly generate as much filler Latin text as you need. The LittleIpsum icon lives in your menu bar and can generate HTML-wrapped text if you right-click instead.


Fantastical ($19.99, 14-day free trial)

Creating calendar events is crazy easy with Fantastical. Use natural language to easily fill in event details like location and invitees. It works seamlessly with whatever calendar service you already use.


ColorSnapper ($4.99)

ColorSnapper is a color picker for anything on your screen. The magnifying loupe and keyboard controls really let you have fine control of exactly which pixel you want to select. And of course you can copy colors in whatever format you want.


Posted by Ron Radu @ronradu ·

Ron's role at Palomino Labs finds him working with developers to manage and guide the products they build. He has experience working on a broad swath of web and mobile projects, often wearing many different hats. Ron spends the rest of his time designing and assembling pretty and usable interfaces for clients, and making regular code commits.

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