Introducing Our First Incubation Project: SpottingSession

Palomino Labs is proud to officially launch our first incubation project, SpottingSession.


SpottingSession is an app for TV and movie post-production that automates creation and organization of everyone’s spotting notes. It’s already been used on several major shows and motion pictures, and our users have reported back that it’s helped them save a ton of time, money, and effort. We’re using our initial success as a launching pad to get SpottingSession into the hands of post-production experts around the world. Development continues actively, and we plan on improving on an already impressive multi-platform technological achievement.

If you work in post-production and have a use for something like SpottingSession, or you know someone who does, either download a free trial version of the app or email us at and we can help you get set up.

Posted by Ron Radu @ronradu ·

Ron's role at Palomino Labs finds him working with developers to manage and guide the products they build. He has experience working on a broad swath of web and mobile projects, often wearing many different hats. Ron spends the rest of his time designing and assembling pretty and usable interfaces for clients, and making regular code commits.

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