Introducing 2 Tumble 2 Jump: You’re Welcome Internet.

You certainly didn’t ask for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway!

Today, Palomino Labs is equal parts proud, confused, and apathetic to announce the release of 2 Tumble 2 Jump, the second in a series of games that puts the player squarely where they want to be: in the mind of a frozen tumbleweed.

The masses have spoken!  We have listened to what they said!  And we have ignored what they said in favor of bringing you more Tumble Jump!!!  After all, who knows you, better than us?  And we say that you want more tumbleweeds!

You probably thought that your phone doesn’t need more than one game about tumbleweeds.

You probably thought that you could escape Ol’ Slopey Mountain.

You probably thought that Yetis and cacti don’t share exactly the same shape.

You probably thought that we would introduce new mechanics in a sequel game.


We humbly accept your apology, and we offer you the chance to atone for your past mistakes by downloading 2 Tumble 2 Jump right now.  You’ll find the same tumbling and jumping that enthralled you the first time around, but this time it’s winter.  What does that mean?  It means that there’s snow now!  And Yetis!



Submit your PTO requests; arrange for the kids to stay at Grandma’s; prepare the hydration IVs— because you’re going to want to play this game way more than you should.

Posted by Ace Ellett

Ace's time at Palomino Labs has seen him immersed in iOS and aptly transitioning between server-side technologies (including Java, Ruby on Rails, and StackMob). Before joining Palomino Labs, Ace was a developer on the Boku Accounts team that built an ecosystem for consumers to use their mobile phone to make purchases at brick and mortar merchants, leading the POS integration. Prior to Boku, Ace was a developer at CRC where he led the project to modernize their 15+ year old technology stack and migrate from VB6 to C# and .NET.

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